In order to be notified of the newest collection you need to turn the bell button to green on the Scalp-Empire Analytics page. You will find a pop-up in the top-left corner of Latest collections section. To make sure everything works fine, you need to check if your navigator is allowed to send notification:

If it still does not work, you will have to check on your operating system if the notifications are activated.

  • Open the notification center in windows (Parameters > Notifications)

FloorPrice Notification

You can also use the notification system to be alerted once a specific collection's floorprice goes lower or higher than what you state. To do so, you need to access collection analytics page.

You then need to click the notification button, which will open this window

Once you're here, all you have to do is setup the numbers, and the tool will alert you if FP goes above or under the thresholds.

If you are still having issues after applying these steps please contact us on our discord support channel.

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