Auto-approve Exodus

Exodus is a non-custodial crypto wallet that supports more than 225 cryptocurrencies.

No account sign-up is required because Exodus runs locally on your device. All of your wallet's important information, including your 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys, is stored and encrypted directly on your device.

Where is Exodus available?

Or make it a trifecta and download all 3!

Although you can import your Phantom wallet into Exodus, we strongly suggest to create a new Exodus wallet, separate from all your existing wallets.

Auto-approve with Exodus Browser Extension

Let's begin! In order to use Exodus and it's auto-approve function on Scalp Empire, you must install Exodus Browser Extension.

Once installed, you'll be able to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet with your 12-word secret recovery phrase.

For more information, check out the following article: Getting started with the Exodus Browser Extension.

After installing the Exodus Browser Extension, be sure to make a backup of your wallet with your 12-word secret recovery phrase, so you will always have access to your wallet. You can see this guide for more details: How do I always have access to my wallet with my 12-word secret recovery phrase?

After installing the browser extension, you have two options to set up the wallet. You can create a new wallet, or if you already have an Exodus, Phantom, or MetaMask wallet, you can restore that wallet in the Exodus Browser Extension with its 12-word secret recovery phrase. You can follow the steps available on the below links:

How to use Exodus with Scalp Empire?

Exodus comes with a predefined setting Prioritize Exodus - St Exodus as your default browser wallet. Go to Settings, turn off and refresh browser.

Check Auto approve and Happy sniping! :)

You can find more details about Exodus and its functionalities here.

Also, you can find on our discord server some tips & tricks on using it.

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