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Secondary wallets

Setting a secondary wallet allows you to keep Nestor secure in your main wallet while using a different burner wallet for sniping. After setting a secondary wallet you will be able to use it without requiring a Nestor or the Subscription pass to be present in that wallet. You will not be able to use your main wallet for auto-buying, floor sweeping and bidding while having secondary wallets setup. You will be asked to sign a transaction to confirm ownership of your main wallet. This transaction is not sent to the network. Nestor holder can set 2 secondary wallets and Collabs / Subscription pass holders 1 secondary wallet. You can find the steps on how to do that in "Set up secondary wallets" section.

Custom RPC

What is a custom RPC server?

A RPC (Remote Procedure Call) server is your proxy to the Solana blockchain. The RPC server is used to query on-chain data and also send transactions to the blockchain. When running a Solana dApp (Scalp Empire for example), RPC requests are used to request data from the Solana node cluster. We name this the backend RPCs. They are bringing data (collection details, creators, owners, transactions, etc) from the chain . We have 2 RPCs of this kind (1 main and 1 for backup) that are configured and managed by us in Scalp Empire tool. Then, specially designed RPC nodes (sometimes called RPC endpoints) process RPC requests made by a decentralized application (dApp), run transactions through the network’s validator protocol, and send back the data the dApp asked for (buy, bid transactions for example) . These are the RPCs that you can configure in Scalp Empire Settings tab. A list of the most popular free RPC is available in the drop down list.

You can setup your own custom RPC server here. Just paste the link and hit save.

RPC is tested for a few basic calls before saving. This will allow detecting bad nodes that don't support all the calls SE does and prevent it from functioning properly. **** ****Remember, scalping success can be influenced also by your internet speed and pc performance, does not depend only on the RPC. So there's no point getting a top private RPC if your local setup has some faults :). Also, it's important to choose an endpoint RPC that is appropriate to your location.

What to do if your RPC only supports HTTP protocol (and not HTTPS)?

If your RPC does not support Secure HTTP connections, you need to add an exception in your browser for it to work with Scalp (this is a security limitation of the browsers). Please see here how to do that:

Load NFT images in Sales List

This option allows you to enable/disable the image display of NFTs in the live big activity section, above the sales list.

Load NFT images for listed items

Displaying images can often affect loading time / performance. If you are not interested in seeing them just click No. Also, a separate setting for disabling images is available on listing section - small icon on the table header.

Pay royalties on MagicEden

Set the percentage of the creator royalties you want to pay when purchasing from Magic Eden. You can choose from 0%, 50% and 100%. The default option is set at 0%.

MagicEden level

You can set up here the level that you have on Magic Eden which is used in applying discounts on ME fees.

High Royalties Threshold

This setting will allow you to set the acceptable royalties threshold that a NFT can have. For example: you set the royalties threshold at 7%. All NFTs that have >7% royalties will be marked in Sniping / Unified view (live feed section) on each listing with the royalties %. This items will be skipped / cannot be bought using manual or auto-buy.

Whale treshold

We all know that whales exists 😄. In this setting, you can set the amount of times that a wallet is used, it will be highlighted and therefore, you can deduce if we're talking about a whale or just a regular buyer/seller.

Limit live chart range to FP

For better visibility of the floor price evolution, the live chart is now constrained vertically to the FP range so that very high/low sales no longer auto-adjust the vertical axis making the FP line almost flat and difficult to follow. You can disable this behaviour here, if needed.

TX confirmation timeout (seconds)

We have seen a lot of TX confirmation timeouts lately and are under the suspicion that transactions still confirm after the initial 1 minute timeout (as noted by some users that got more purchases than the amount they setup). Even thought the Solana metrics shows that 99% of the transactions confirm in under 30s, this does not account for the fact that most TX are probably simple transactions (like transferring SOL or NFTs between wallets) and not program generated (like marketplace purchases or minting etc.). So, we have upped the default timeout from 1 min to 2 min in hope that we get a response from the Solana network in that time so that we know if the TX was successful or not and prevent purchasing additional NFTs. You can still configure this in Settings between 60 and 300 seconds (5 min).

Privacy mode

Privacy mode enables you to hide your wallet balance and the totals in Portfolio. Useful for those who stream or want to takes screenshots.

Disable sniping disclaimer

With this setting you can deactivate the disclaimer that is by default configured to pop evry time you access a new collection.

Notifications - Manage FP Notifications

Besides managing the notification from each collection page or from the watchlist, you can activate/deactivate/delete them in the Settings tab also.

Clear Cache

This command allows clearing cache only without removing watchlist items, main wallet and other settings. If you have problems searching or viewing collections, this is the first action you must take. WARNING: if you have not cleared app data in a long time, it will take a few minutes to clear all cached items. In the near future an automatic cache cleaning will be implemented.

Clear App data

The wonder button that clears your app data and restores default settings. Clear app data will remove all the existing settings stored in your browser: watchlisted collections, FP alerts, custom RPC. Only use if clearing cache does not work.

Check your PC time

Check on if your PC has the right updated time or not. This can be a solution if Does not load / No data is shown / Collection not scanned.

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