Set up secondary wallets

In order to access Scalp Empire tools, you must have your Nestor stored in the connected wallet. Setting a secondary wallet allows you to keep Nestor secure in your main wallet while using a different burner wallet for sniping. After setting a secondary wallet you will be able to use it without requiring a Nestor to be present in that wallet.

You will not be able to use your main wallet for auto-buying, floor sweeping and bidding while having secondary wallets setup.

You will be asked to sign a transaction to confirm ownership of your main wallet. This transaction is not sent to the network.

With this new functionality, you can keep your assets secure, in a Ledger or another wallet and still use a wallet that has auto-approve feature (like Solflare). This is only valid for all devices where you will connect to Scalp with that wallet.

How to use Secondary wallets feature:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Manage wallets\

  2. Paste the addresses of the wallets you want to use as secondary and hit Save.\

Signing a trasaction is required to prove ownership of the wallet and also because ledger does not support signing a text message. The transaction is never sent to the network.

You can now use Scalp Empire using another wallet than the one you have Nestor or the subscription pass in it.

If one of the wallets set as secondary was already set as secondary for another wallet, this will not work. You must remove it from the previous setting.


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