The Watchlist

For the moment there is a limitation of 20 collections in the Watchlist for Nestor holders and 5 for our collab partners.

FP notifications are now available everywhere and also configurable via the analytics homepage. You no longer need to keep the collection's analytics/sniping page open in order to receive FP alerts.

If you have at least one Scalp Empire page open you will receive notifications for all the collections you setup FP alerts for.

Multiple timeframes from Watchlist charts ****We have added 2h / 4h / 6h / 12h /24h timeframes for the charts in the Watchlist section. Some collections don't have that much activity so you might want to keep an eye on a longer timeframe. On the other hand, new hyped collections have more activity so you might want to focus on the most recent one for a better view of the trend. \

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