8. Rank filter

You can also filter the NFTs you want to see using their ranking. To display every listed NFT in the top 100, see below

For Scalp ranking calculation we use the same algorithm as Moonrank.

Our ranking is statistical and based on attributes from the NFTs of the whole collection. It normally matches Moonrank and SolRarity ranking. There are some exceptions when project owners want a different ranking (example HowRare.is) and they also address the aforementioned ranking platforms to also update accordingly. Unfortunately we don't know about this so we can't update.

Rank is always calculated but not always displayed. For collections that are unrevealed, we try to hide the ranking as it's not relevant. This is the case now for collections that only have 1 attribute and the same value for that attribute. There are cases when NFT's have for example 3 attributes, even thought 2 have the same values for every NFT. Ranking is not final but not hidden either. When revealed, the collection will have totally different attributes.

Be careful, for unrevealed collections, Scalp rank and any other rank will not be accurate until mint finish and collection reveal.

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