With this new functionality you can make bids on listed NFTs. Select the Bid Purchase mode, set the attribute and rank filter you want. The list will update accordingly. You will see that the NFTs that match your filter will be highlighted with a green bar on the left side of the row. The listed NFTs that you have already placed a bid will be highlighted with orange bar.

Next step is to fill the number of items you want to bid on. This can be max 20 for Nestor holders and 5 for subscription and collab users.

After you fill the number of items you must fill the bid price.

Bid price must not be lower than 50% of the most expensive NFT selected (ME constraint).

Bidding on ME implies holding the necessary funds in a ME escrow wallet. Existing funds will be used when a bid that you placed is accepted by the seller.

In Funding wallet balance section you can see the funds that were deposited in the ME escrow wallet by the wallet which you are currently connected to Scalp Empire.

You can fund the escrow wallet in the same time with placing the bid or separately, by filling the quantity of SOL that you want to deposit and click on Deposit only.

Depending on the funding wallet balance and the extra funds you want to deposit, in Possible purchases you can see the number of items you can purchase. This does not take into consideration existing bids and their value.

In the Existing bids section you can see the number of bids you have already placed that are still active and their total value in SOL.

Click on start bidding, sign the transaction (there will be 2 transactions to sign if you fund the escrow wallet too) and good luck!

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