How to use FFF Sniper

1. Token details - You can find here the usual information about tokens: - Floor price; - Listed tokens number; - Holders - number of unique token holders. - Volume, sales, listed and delisted information

2. Live Floor Chart - This chart regroups key information, similar with the one's in NFT Analytics & Sniping: - current floor price; - number of listed tokens; - occuring sales. In addition, we've included the Sales candles which show the number of sales on the timeline. Combining all of them lets you understand what the current trend for the token and helps you identify opportunities for buying and selling.

4. Buy & Auto-buy Most important functionality to document here for FFF, for sure. How it works? Similar with NFTsSniping Auto buy but with few specifics.

First, the difference is that for tokens we don't have attributes or ranks and also that we can have multiple tokens available in the same sale (quantity >1).

Let's talk about two special use cases that you must keep in mind.

The tool will highlight the listings that are compatible with your settings and deactivate the others. This thing you must keep in mind for the next use case too.

Next steps are the usual ones, approve transaction in your wallet and verify if the transaction was succesfull and you have received your tokens. If you need help or you have recommendations for improving our documentation, please access our discord server.

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