FFF Sniper


Our tools are designed to help you trade NFTs and tokens quickly and efficiently.

We would not be held responsible for any trade going wrong.

This guide aims to give you knowledge on how to use the tools, but also on how to apply it into a scalping session.

Read carefully !

This chapter of our documentation is dedicated to FFF analytics and sniping functionalities. Why implementing this functionalities? Because, as our statement is, we want that our tool to be that place where you can find all you need for trading.

First important info that you need to consider is that this functionality is available just for Nestor holders and for Nestor's adopters (you can find details about Adoption program here).

Now we can go through what this module offers.

First, let's talk about the FFF homepage. Here you can find a list of top 10 tokens.

You can sort the tokens by: - selecting 15 minutes or 1 hour on one of the following: - volume; - sales; - listed; - delisted.

Also, as for NFTs, you can use the search function to find a token that is not appearing in the list. You can search by name or address.

Let's get into details now and see how it works.

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