Create burner wallet and setup auto-approve

You can now start and set your new burner wallet. Click on the wallet account picker icon

Give your new burner a name and click Create.

Now you must configure your new burner wallet. So go to Settings -> Security and let's configure the auto-lock time. You can also disable Auto-lock. You don't want that your burner lock when you are sniping so fill a generous amount of minutes.

Next, we need to enable the auto approve function.

For that, first you need to connect to Scalp Empire with your new burner wallet.

To do that, you need to add it as a secondary wallet following this steps Set up secondary wallets.

After that, connect to Scalp Empire with your burner and add it as a Trusted app.

Go to Settings, Manage Apps and click on Scalp Empire.

Enable Auto-approve and Good luck on your snipes!

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