2. Collection details

Always keep in mind the mint price. Floor price dropping under mint price will most of the time create panic sells, and great opportunities.

What is floor price? It is the minimum price a collection’s NFTs are being sold for! It shows how the NFT holders are valuing them. A higher floor price usually indicates a higher valuation.

Holder information displayed: - Holders - the total number of holders for a collection. Clicking the Holders label will show all holders and the number of items they own; - NFT/holder - the average number of items owned per wallet. We are still working on labelling wallets as some collections use custodial staking and it appears as tho most of the items are owned by a single person when it's actually their staking wallet. Our Snapshot tool can provide more accurate information about holders, staked and rented items, status of royalties peyments etc.

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