3. Volume and 24h Volume

This is the first indicator that will help you notice if there’s active trading done on this collection. Avoid low volatility collections while Scalping.

Fees - You need to pay attention to fees, as this is what will be taken out from a sell you are making. For example, selling at 4 SOL with 10% fees will result in a 3.6 SOL profit. Buying above 3.6 and selling at 4 is a loss.

Profit/loss - PnL information. For each NFT there is a list of sales. We compare each sale to the previous (or the mint price if it's the first sale) and calculate a profit or loss. For example, you bought it yesterday at 5 SOL and sold it today at 8 SOL. You generated 3 SOL profit (minus the royalties and ME fee that we also take into account, we're not including them in the example to keep the math simple). Someone else then sells it tomorrow for 7 SOL, generating a 1 SOL loss on the sale. We sum all those profits and that's the new stat that would be 2 SOL in this example. Sales speed is calculated based on the activity of the last 15 minutes.

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