If you want to be competitive when sniping nowadays, you need an auto-buy functionality. Scalp Empire provides one.

Fill the "Limit price" field to set your maximum price for which you are ready to buy a NFT (matching the attributes/ranking you entered in the filters).

Fill the "Items to buy" field to set the maximum amount of NFTS you are ready to buy for this price range.

The "Min" button will autofill the "Limit price" field to 0.001 below the floor price of the currently displayed NFTs.

Click the green "Start auto-buy" button to get the bot started, the red "Stop" button to stop it.

If you want to snipe more collections in the same time you must open a different tab/collection. Sniping experience and success can be influenced by: your internet speed, local infrastructure incl. your PC performance, running apps and of course your client side RPC.

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