Ambasador / project brokered collab

The goal of this page is to present all the neccesary details in order to conclude and maintain an efficient collaboration between our project and the Ambasadors / projects that intermediates user subscriptions to Scalp Empire.
This type of collaboration is dedicated exclusively to selected Scalp Empire Ambasadors and Project DAOs.
Each collab will be discussed, agreed and maintained by Scalp Empire representant and the ambasadors or dedicated representant of the other involved project. They are responsible in ensuring that both parts are respecting the collab terms & conditions.
The collab between projects will be evaluated monthly and depending on performance / evolution will be renegociated / renewed / canceled.
The subscriptions can be accesed by users only via dedicated Ambasador/project provided referral link. Users will access the link and subscribe (pay) for one month. The same link can be reused for renewal also.